Testimonials – Pastors

The retreat was a hallmark experience in parish life – especially confessions. Evaluations were in the superlatives. Rev. George L. Schopp

I want to thank you for the wonderful day long retreat God Is!. We were blessed to have over 120 people in attendance and everyone had a positive experience. The combination of teaching, personal witness, small group discussions, confessions, adoration, one-on-one prayer for healing and Mass was powerful. Many had been away from confession for years. Others had never witnessed Eucharistic Adoration nor experienced praying to the Holy Spirit. The funny skits added a joy to the day and helped others to open their hearts ever wider to the Gospel message. God Is! has been a tremendous blessing to our parish and helped parents to renew their commitment to living a life in Christ. God bless you abundantly through Mary – Rev. Jim Parker

In the name of my community of St Joseph in Harvard I want to say thank you for the beautiful retreat of evangelization that we had the opportunity to experience during the lent season of 2013. For our community it was a refreshment; a wonderful opportunity to rediscover the love of God, the salvation of Jesus and the sanctification of the Holy Spirit. For sure it was a really good retreat. Our community enjoyed this spiritual moment. Thank you so much for your great mission. – Rev. Rafael Tunarosa

I was most impressed how God Is! effectively re-proclaimed the Good News of Salvation to my parishioners in a way that invited its acceptance and facilitated personal transformation This day of renewal is a beautiful synthesis of profound kerygmatic proclamation and personal testimony. I loved how the message was proclaimed with love and humor. I am amazed at how you presented in one day what many good retreat programs take three or more days to impart. – Rev. Gregor Gorsick

On Pentecost Sunday we prayed, “Lord, send out your Spirit and renew the face of the Earth.”
The Spirit of God works in many ways. I believe the Spirit is truly working in the “God Is!” day of renewal. We have had one here at St. Joseph Parish and it was a powerful experience for our people.
St. Joseph Parish is planning 2-3 for next year and we will be asking Confirmation and First Communion parents to make the day of renewal. May the Spirit continue to guide you as you “Evangelize All.” – Rev. Jerry Leake

I would like to thank you for the wonderful God Is! Retreat that you and your team presented at my Parish on Sept. 28th. It was a blessed day to be sure and I believe that those who attended had an excellent day of renewal and evangelization. All of the feedback I received was very positive and my own experience was the same. The day went very well with a good mix of talks, small groups, witness testimony, and prayer. The retreat also had some good humor in the skits while also making important points. Overall, it was a very positive experience. — Rev. Chris Kuhn

It was a wonderful Retreat/Renewal. I personally got a lot of very positive comments from the participants. THANKS for all you and your ministries do to spread and deepen the Good News in people’s lives. – Rev. Mike Kallock, CSP

Our parish of St. Ann has been blessed! Thank you to Mike, Lori and their Team from Evangelize All! They presented us with a beautiful day of reflection to help us go deeper in our relationship with God. They presented the day to us with passion! I appreciated their energy and faith that was shared so freely with the people of my parish. May God continue to bless you in this fine ministry. — Rev. Jeff Stoneberg

I am most grateful to Evangelize All Ministries for the wonderful program they have put together with the “God Is!” evangelization retreat. The one day retreat models beautifully the model for evangelization presented by the Church … beginning with the personal encounter with the Person of Jesus Christ and the Blessed Trinity in their lives, as well as a powerful reminder of the treasure of Our Catholic Faith through the Sacraments … which then leads into that process of ongoing catechesis / formation, and also essential opportunities for community within the parish. It has the ability to plant the seeds that will help the individual to reconnect with Christ, with the Church, and with their community. — Rev. Brian Grady

We had our first God Is! Day of Renewal here at our parish Our Lady of Good Counsel on Saturday April 13, 2013. I invited 35 parochial leaders among the Hispanic and Anglo communities. All of them were greatly moved on the retreat!! I was deeply impressed when I heard from them after the Retreat as they shared with me how God touched their lives in a profound way. Since then, we have integrated the Evangelize All process into our parish in in order to evangelize our parish community more deeply. The need for this work of evangelization is extremely urgent. There is no time to wait for it. – Rev. David Engbarth

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