Simple and Effective Evangelization

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Catholic Ministry that promotes effective and authentic evangelization.
Embracing both the missionary mandate of Jesus Christ and the call for a New Evangelization championed by Blessed John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, Evangelize All Ministries reaches out to all – from the “fallen away,” to the “seeker,” to those who actively embrace the Catholic faith.  We promote the conversion (or re-conversion) of individual hearts to Christ through personal proclamation, Sacramental renewal, small group meetings and ongoing faith formation.

For even many “practicing” Catholics, God is more of a concept than a real “person” who is relevant in their daily life; religion is “practiced” as an obligation or habit, rather than “lovingly embraced” as the way of life.  Evangelize All Ministries facilitates both a personal encounter and a personal relationship with God.  In a comprehensive and non-threatening way, God is presented in truth as the cause, goal and means of life.

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