Testimonials – General

GOD BLESS YOU!!! Through the Holy Spirit you have taken the best of many great retreat programs and condensed it down to an unbelievable one day retreat, with an opportunity for participants to take another giant step in their climb to reach the summit God’s Holy Mountain. Thank you for a wonderful, marvelous day!!!!! – Mona, Batavia IL

I loved the healing part – to forgive others from past… to heal by forgiving myself and come back to Church where I belong. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! – Sarah, DeKalb

Wow! I was “dreading” sitting at church all day but I can’t believe what I learned about myself and my faith. I can’t wait to get this started in our parish. I know my journey is just beginning and I have a lot to do but I am so excited! THANK YOU!! – Jennifer, Crystal Lake IL

I loved being prayed over for the Holy Spirit to come, all of the talks and confession – everything! I hope everyone in our parish can do this. This is life changing. I feel transformed and so much closer to God. Thank you! – Diane, Loves Park, IL

I was led to confession for the first time since converting 35 years ago! I feel wonderful!! Thank you so much and God bless! Vicki, Cape Coral FL

Reconciliation was indescribable.  I have never taken part in such a powerful, comprehensive an effective preparation for Reconciliation.  It had an enormous impact in many different respects – emotional, psychological, intellectual and spiritual.  Thanks! – Fran, Tinley Park IL

I am a Catholic coming home after decades on Reason Rise. I found your analogy of the difference between Reason Rise and Faith Mountain invaluable to understanding the depth of my faith. Well organized and easy to comprehend. Understanding the progress in the Catholic church since drifting away two decades ago. Rosa, Lisle IL

I liked everything about today – the talks were great, individual groups were great for sharing & learning about each other and how this applies to our lives.  The opportunity for confession was great.  Bernadette, Ft. Myers FL

Every part of the day was fruitful, especially the talks and group discussions. -Jane, Chicago IL

I can’t choose what part of this day I loved the most… Adoration! Reconciliation! A day of focusing on the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Being with my brothers and sisters in Christ and sharing our faith. – Bob, Cary IL

The structure and variety of talks/experiences/time to reflect was just right. I was so looking forward to this day. I never realized how “empty” I was. This retreat has had a tremendous impact. – Heidi, Galena IL

Your talks and testimonies are pretty much spot on and seemed to stimulate good feedback during the “table discussions”.  The presentations of the material was well done and heartfelt.  Lou, Lakeland FL

The final talk was incredible.  There was so much urgency in the challenge to climb the mountain and surrender to God daily.  Great day overall.  – Nick, Springfield, IL

I loved the whole day. I have been away from the faith for years, just to tell you now that I feel so blessed. – Anonymous

A much needed refocusing on what is important in our faith life and letting go of what is not. – Mike, Aurora, IL

I had been to my first God Is! Day of Renewal and got so much out of it. I was asked again to attend the retreat 18 months later. I thought at first, well I probably don’t need to go I already did that, but decided to do so anyway. I was so happy I did! I was inspired and rejuvenated once again. I heard testimonies that were completely different that spoke to me in a whole different way than the first. I can honestly say I was able to get so much out of going both times and feel both to be so rewarding. -Melissa, Batavia IL

Everyone has their stories and/or baggage to deal with. I had my own which put holes in my heart and also darts that were huge and festering. I thought they were gone but they were not. I think I can actually say goodbye to these darts forever! – Trudy, North Fort Myers FL

Thank you and God bless you all. Everything today was great. I have not been to Confession in over 20 years. It was very emotional for me! God bless and keep going. I cannot wait until the next time. Thank you. – JoAnna, Elgin IL

The best part of the day fro me was Reconciliation – it is not for me to earn forgiveness; only to receive it. I confessed something today that I have been holding onto since I was ten years old. Michael, Lisle, IL

It always feels great to spend time focusing on our Lord and our faith – with friends as well as with those experiencing the rewards of a retreat for the first time. But God Is! is especially good at focusing us on the very personal and intimate nature of our relationship with the Holy Trinity. Thank you for this blessing in our lives and in the life of the Church! -Bruce, Lake in the Hills IL

There was so much!  I appreciated the mix of humor inserted throughout the day.  I loved the opportunity for quiet time and prayer.  Very beneficial.  I don’t get much of an opportunity to focus on my own faith development.  Very refreshing.   Annalisa, DeKalb IL

The whole day was filled with love and devotion to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and our catholic Church.  Everything was presented in a terrific way!  Best thing in a long time for renewal.  There were about 80 attendees, young adults to seniors.  I noticed that as the day passed, all grew in a warmer friendship with each other. May your ministry and your family always be blessed by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Thank you.  – Betty, Ft. Myers FL

I loved everything about God Is! – Great day – loved the Talks!! Thanks for praying and placing hands on us – I felt the Holy Spirit. Small group discussion was helpful. Thanks for a great day – loved spending time getting closer to God. Michelle, Joliet IL

Comprehensiveness of program – start to finish it told a story – Faith Mountain.  Renewal of all the sacraments!  So refreshing and fulfilling in our busy lives, a way to get so much in a short time.  Frances, Decatur IL

The entire day was beautiful! If I had to pick one part in particular, then it would be how I have to make my actions stronger – truly “open” my heart and surrender to my Lord in all of my life!  Mona, Elgin IL

I liked everything about the day. But what got to me was that we have to learn how to forgive ourselves as well as to others, no matter what the problem is. Zulema, Chicago IL

I found the small groups to be incredible spirit-filling and insightful. You really learn a lot from people’s experiences and firsthand opinions, questions and doubts. I loved when each speaker told of his/her stories in relationship to the subject – it was amazingly enriching! – Elena, Naperville IL

This day really focused me me on where and how to get closer to God. I have been longing to do this and this being my first retreat found it very enlightening. As I am not very religious except for doing things to help other people, this helped me find God. Larry, Chicago IL

I enjoyed experiencing each of your strong personal faith. Your personal stories were moving and prayer provoking. The discussion groups were helpful and fun. It was nice to meet other parishioners. – Jim, Chanahon, IL

The personal witness of the speakers was very powerful in demonstrating how turning to God and opening our hearts is how to receive His perfect love. I also thought the prayer invoking the Holy Spirit was awesome! – Joe, DeKalb IL

The whole program was the best I have ever attended. – Bruno, Chicago IL

I loved the movement of the day. The talks and skits were great. I especially loved the witnessing and the prayer for an indwelling of the Holy Spirit. I would love to go on this again. -Anonymous

The all day program is excellent.  Each component was very informative.  It helped me learn more about my faith and how to grow closer to God who loves me so much.  I will definitely recommend this program to my pastor.  Thank you for your ministry.  Paulina,

I enjoyed the whole day. It reminded me of what really matters and I am motivated to keep moving forward with our Lord Jesus Christ by my side. – Paula, Romeoville IL

The entire day was enlightening and filled me with the Holy Spirit. I literally had that moment when you were praying over me that I felt Him fill me with His love. Thank you for an amazing day!!! – Missy, Crystal Lake IL

The personal testimonies were amazing and inspirational. THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you for your sharing! – Karen, Sterling IL

This day of renewal really brought our community together. – Anna Marie, Elgin IL

The breakout groups were very good.  The quiet time was very much appreciated.  The skits added a “lightness” to the program (Mike’s a good actor).  I appreciated the openness of the witnesses.  Jim , Decatur IL

Each segment was enlightening and triggered many old memories from other Lenten retreats/missions.  However, “Peter” was so intense, so positive – he put into action and words how I have always felt, no question about the “real” presence being in the Eucharist.  Thank you.  Mary Alice, Caper Coral FL

I needed the lift I received from being around others who are strong in their faith. Thank you for your presentation. I especially liked the personal stories & praying for the Holy Spirit to transform us. – Jan, Loves Park IL

I loved when we renewed our Baptism. Reconciliation was very powerful. I loved the Eucharistic adoration and praying for an indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Thank you. I really needed this renewal in my faith. Tom, Sycamore IL

I am crazy about the whole day, especially the Holy Spirit prayer. – Phil, Elgin IL

Simon Peter was awesome. His talk made me feel as if he was truly present in the room. I had such a great feeling of hope for my children by witnessing a 20 something year old man talk about his faith. Thanks, I needed that. -Trish, Aurora IL

Everything was great about this program; people being able to come together to understand God more. It is important for people to work on their relationship with God. -Yolanda, Chicago IL

The entire program was splendid! Simple, thoughtful, honest. It was well coordinated. The testimonials of the different speakers lent much substance and tangibility to the messages. God bless this mission. Janet, Cape Coral FL

It was amazing to hear the testimonials of individuals who have suffered so much and by letting go and letting God, ultimately received great blessings. Much needed reminder for our family to always look to God and never stop trusting in God. -Kevin and Suzanne, Batavia IL

I enjoyed every part of the day. The part I liked best was that focusing on the Holy Spirit. The presenters were great. I loved the humor they added with their skits. – Mardelle, Geneva IL

The day really made me pay attention to the word, “Lord” during the Mass. I loved the discussion groups and the overall message of love. – Judy, Chanahon IL

The small group discussions helped with listening to other perspectives. I enjoyed the testimonials of the presenters on how God has entered and been present in their lives. – Maribel, Elgin IL

This was an accessible one-day retreat that brought scripture and our faith to life. – Erika, Aurora IL

Unexpectedly, I found Reconciliation the most helpful part of the day. While I am not opposed, I don’t normally enjoy it. For some reason, God made a big impression at this Reconciliation. –Anonymous

I loved the personal testimonies, small group discussions and Adoration. It was great to have reflection time before and after Confession. All of the parts worked well. The day strengthened my Journey. -Nancy, Aurora

I really connected with the witnesses and the small group discussions. -Roger, Cary Illinois

The skits were great.  The witnessing was very inspiring.  The small group was heartwarming. – Rosemary. Ft. Myers FL

The testimonies were great! Thank you for everything! This was exactly what my heart needed! – Dawn, Sterling IL

In today’s world it’s become difficult to spend an entire weekend away from home…that is very sad, however, a one day??? Well, hopefully, people will make the time for that! I will be highly recommending others to join in on this wonderful opportunity! -Dave, Batavia IL

It was a great reminder that Jesus loves us no matter what we do. God the Father will always be there for us. It reminded me to include the Holy Spirit in my prayers and how powerful he is and his gifts to us and how powerful they are. – Jo, Loves Park, IL

The St. Peter Monologue brought the Gospel to life! … You were all on fire for God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The retreat was a blessing for me! – Eduardo, Naperville IL

I was moved by how important to keep God in all parts of your life, not just at times of need.  He loves us and we should not question that or think we are not worthy of His love. Great speakers. Very inspirational.  Sarah, Decatur IL

Inspiring and well done! -David, Freeport IL

I found the entire presentation very interesting and inspiring. It gave me renewed strength and love for our Lord. Sometimes we experience “dark periods” but we must not forget that God is always there. – Zoraida, Romeoville IL

I especially loved the focus on Confession, Adoration and Eucharist. I really enjoyed the day! Thank You! God bless you! -Mary, Woodstock IL

The skits were great. I appreciated the breaks and the change of rooms. I also enjoyed the small group discussions. Thanks so much for bringing this to our church! – Juli, Chanahon IL

The small group discussions gave me the opportunity to fully understand the talks through the sharing of ideas of others. I loved all the props & acting of “Jesus” and “Peter.” The energy brought everything to life. Thank you and God bless you, your family and ministry always. -Jorge, Crystal Lake IL

The witnesses were great. The helped us to renew our faith in reminding us that God shows Himself to us in our times of need. I personally liked the format and the one day is good for those with busy schedules to allow them an opportunity to commit a day to our Lord and the faith. – Nick, Aurora IL

Coming back to church and feeling the Holy Spirit’s influence. I am looking forward to spending more time with God. The Confession greatly enforces that the Father forgives us and we may be better people. Javier, Cape Coral FL

I liked the process; that it kept us moving. The topics and discussions were good. They were thought provoking. It was nice to be able to get up and move often. – Gail, Chanahon IL

The witness talks were so helpful in personalizing our faith journey. It was all so well done and inspiring. Awesome day! – Beth, Sugar Grove, IL

It was very informative and motivating. It gave me a great opportunity to reflect, meditate and make positive changes toward opening my heart to God and letting Him in. I look forward to future God Is! days at our parish. – Yesenia, Elgin IL

The presentations worked well together to build on each other. The small groups were good faith sharing from different perspectives. The day of focusing on the Trinity was a good time out of the hub-bub of life! –Anonymous

Wow! Great Renewal! I enjoyed the agenda for the day. I loved everyone’s’ stories! I was surprised with going to confession – felt better afterwards! Thanks! I loved the small group discussions as well. – Tanya, Geneva IL

I was really moved by the fact that God loves me.  Michael, Chicago

I enjoyed all of the Day or Renewal, including the testimonies, group sessions, adoration. It was all equally beneficial. Discussion of the three Personas of the Trinity and what meaning and gifts they give was wonderful. Thank you for this day and all days in Christ! – Nancy, Loves Park IL

This is really casting the nets into the deeper side of the boast. Incorporating the Sacraments into the experience is great. It is solidly Catholic! I will pray for this ministry! – Joe, Tinley Park IL

When they prayed over us towards the end it was as if God was talking through them as they told me things I had been contemplating personally for a while and had not discussed with anyone. This was an incredible group of people sharing personal experiences that make you realize just how special you are – just as you are! – Bernie, DeKalb IL

I found the personal stories from each presentation most beneficial. The stories reminded me that through hardships in life the Father Son and Holy Spirit is there! – Lauren, Joliet IL

It was a very restful day filled with beautiful thoughts and meditations and wonderful fellowship. Sherry, Lisle IL

I enjoyed the personal witnesses/sharing. This day of renewal was the perfect length of time. Great job and thank you! – Luke , Cary Illinois

The part I found most beneficial was the portrayal of sins as darts in the heart. I also loved the prayer for an indwelling of the Holy Spirit and the renewal of Baptism. The day was GREAT!! God bless you and thank you! -Connie, Aurora IL

The discussions were very moving, tugging at the heart and how our Lord loves us. The flow of the day was great. It kept things moving and alive. The day was wonderful. –Anonymous

It was great how you showed us and explained to us the Father, the Son and especially the Holy Spirit. I believe that the Holy Spirit is often forgotten. -Lenore, Aurora IL

Each part was enlightening regarding each Person of the Holy Trinity. Thank you sooo much for this most wonderful day/experience. – Kathleen, Cary IL

The organization to convey the message was fantastic! The personal stories for each part of the talk were so sincere. The testimony was such a challenge and a deep witness of faith. God bless you all and your work!! – Glenda, DeKalb IL

It was most beneficial that the God Is Day of Renewal was able to succinctly deliver the essential truths of our faith and yet also help us to grasp and process it a little more deeply through sharing and apply it to our lives immediately. It also was very helpful that it lays out a plan and next steps on what can be done next after this day. It is a well though out and powerful package that was worth my day and the $20 I paid to attend. Thank you. –Anonymous

The Adoration, the sharing and the prayer for an indwelling of the Holy Spirit were powerful. The day was beautifully presented. -Marie, Sterling IL

The skit with darts and holes in the heart was powerful. I really liked the focus on the Holy Spirit and Jesus as “Lord” – food for thought. – Jill, Chanahon IL

Excellent and thought provoking food for thought and prayer.  Would love to be part of this ministry.  – Catherine, Ft. Myers FL

I loved the Testimonials! They remind us that we are all have our unique story yet we are all trying to stay on the path toward God and incorporating Him in our lives. The small group sessions were great too because they forced me to vocalize my thoughts. – Laura, Aurora IL

I was struck by the true meaning of bread and wine as not being a metaphor but the Body and Blood of Jesus. – Brian, Romeoville IL

What brought the most tears was the part in Church preparing for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. It was extremely wonderful. Thank you! The whole day was just perfect! – Jennifer, Woodstock IL

I loved the part when we were in church and two people came by and prayed over us. As they were praying, we prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to come in. It was wonderful. – Nona, Loves Park IL

It all worked together: the talks followed by small groups really worked together allowing further processing. The symbolic things – Holy Water & laying on of hands awakened the spirit. THANK YOU for Reconciliation – How Perfect! – Marilyn, Elgin, IL

It was especially great when the speakers told their stories. It brought clarity that we ALL have challenges and are all still striving towards the Lord. -Patricia, Aurora IL

Every part was wonderful. Particularly powerful was the part at church when we examined our conscience. I enjoyed the small groups and getting to know people. Most of all, the Talks were wonderful. I truly do feel transformed. I hope I can hang onto this feeling and bring it to those I love. – Julie, Elgin IL

I enjoyed the beautifully simple concept behind the three pointed compass and having the opportunity to talk about my faith life with others and be able to come to know God better through others. – Paul, DeKalb IL

The talks and witnesses were so very inspiring. I was particularly moved by the prayer for an indwelling of the Holy Spirit. – Anonymous

The small group discussion provided valuable insight into the direction of each person’s own journey. -Laura, Cary, IL

I loved the personal reflections & skits and how the day was a connection to a journey…not just once, but each & every day… I loved the one day format so many could make themselves available to participate. Thank You. -Michelle, Elgin, IL

I have attended many wonderful talks at Church, but having several mini talks followed by honest testimonials of people just like me showed me just how real God is. I feel that I can easily come closer to Jesus and get deeper with my faith. It’s really not as complicated as I thought. – Layla, Aurora IL

The skits were enlightening and will help me remember the message because of the witty humor. People’s stories and the creative presentation of material were a great way to get the message across. It was most impactful. –Anonymous

This was the best retreat we have experienced in years. Just what we needed – have been waiting for this. Good visual aids. Understandable and motivating. Loved being prayed over. Powerful. – Bob & Lisa Geneva, Geneva IL

I especially enjoyed the witnesses and the discussion groups. Don’t change a thing! It is great! – Sue, Aurora IL

The talks were excellent.  The ministry was so great.  All the Catholic activities (Reconciliation, Communion, Adoration) were very spiritual. – Marilyn, Decatur IL.

The talks were excellent.  The witnesses were heartfelt and inspiring.  I especially liked the small group discussions.  – Chris, Ft. Myers FL

I especially loved the explanation of Confession and how to make a good Confession. Thank You! -Anonymous

Small group gave me the opportunity to fully understand the talks through the sharing of ideas of others. All the props & acting of “Jesus” and “Peter” – the energy brought everything to life. Thank you and God bless you and your ministry always. -Jorge, Crystal Lake IL

Every part of this retreat was beneficial, especially the small group discussions. I enjoyed hearing stories of personal experiences – very meaningful to hear actual examples from “real life.” Thank you for an enjoyable and informative retreat. Thank you and God bless you for your work and good example. – Barry, Aurora IL

Our encounter with the Holy Spirit and being prayed with was powerful and moving. – Michelle, Sterling IL

God Is! was a wonderful experience. Very uplifting and heartfelt. The evangelists were great! God bless you all and thank you! – Amelia, Elgin IL

I found the personal testimony very moving. Veneration of the Host was very valuable to me. It moved me. I greatly appreciated the privilege of receiving Reconciliation. – Karen, Romeoville IL

I loved being able to go to Confession. It is such a treasure to have a means by which to cleanse and renew my soul and relationship with God. The adoration was so beautiful. Thank you. God bless you as you continue to grow in your ministry. – Anonymous

I really enjoyed the talks – going back to the basics of our faith. The day was a great opportunity for us to share our love of our Catholic faith! -John, Aurora IL

All presenters did a great job. It was good to be reminded to keep it simple – Love and Mercy. – Jacob, DeKalb IL

This allowed me to renew and re-affirm my commitment to a relationship with God through healing and forgiveness of myself and others. Harley, Cape Coral FL

I found the integration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Mass into the presentation and the dramatizations to be most beneficial. – Bob, Fox River Grove IL

I loved the small groups. They were very interactive and participatory. I also loved the speakers’ talks and how they shared their personal experiences. It was an amazing day! – Laura, Aurora IL

The all day program is excellent.  Each component was very informative.  It helped me learn more about my faith and how to grow closer to God who loves me so much.  I will definitely recommend this program to my pastor.  Thank you for your ministry.  – Paulina, Ft. Myers FL

I loved all the speakers – dynamic and energetic. I also enjoyed the small group discussions. The spirituality of this day was great, enlivening my own spirituality. – Carol Sue, Geneva IL

I loved everything about the day! The witnesses, Sacraments in Church and small group discussions were very meaningful. Thank you and God bless you! –Anonymous

It was a great renewal of my faith. All in all, it was a great experience. Thank you! Keep doing the same! God bless! – Imelda, Cary IL

I really enjoyed reconnecting with the Sacraments & especially when I was prayed over. I always enjoy time before the Blessed Sacrament. I needed this spiritual tune up! Thank you! – JoAnn, Chanahon IL

• All of it 🙂 – witness talks, skits. I really needed this so thank you! You made a difference to me! I appreciated reconciliation, Adoration and reflections you gave on those. I liked the simple format of the compass – makes it easy to remember & implement. I liked the analogy of mountain climbing. Karen, Tinley Park IL

The flip chart was very helpful. Trinity compass was great. Thank you. –Anonymous

I was moved by the presentation of the unconditional love God has for us! No matter what we do right or wrong our Father will love us forever. – Adrian, Aurora IL

I enjoyed the skits. I felt the visualization of the heart and “Peter’s” talk very helpful. – Julie, DeKalb IL

Everything was so meaningful. The process of discovering God & the Trinity was inspiring. I also found the discussions to be helpful. – Deana, Elgin IL

I especially loved the Holy Spirit part…learning about the gifts and the fruits…the quiet time in church. The healing touch was also wonderful! -Nancy, Crystal Lake IL

The day was presented in a memorable way! It gave us new ways to look at our faith. I enjoyed hearing personal stories and talking to others about their work on their “climb” daily. – Anonymous

I liked it all! It was one of the best retreats I have been to. The Holy Spirit reached me. – Leo, Elgin IL

During the healing prayer when I was touched I saw the face of Jesus come alive and I vividly saw the blue eyes of Jesus. I don’t know if it was my imagination or not but I loved it! – Nena, Chicago IL

I loved the skit, testimonials, Reconciliation, and Adoration. Well, all of it☺. It was amazing!!! – Sandy, Aurora IL

Visuals and performances were an excellent way to present information. I especially loved the St. Peter presentation. I learned so much with the 1st person account. Small groups were great too. – Anonymous

Meeting local people who are on fire to grow in the Lord was a total inspiration. Thank you and God bless your ministry. – Laraine, Freeport IL

I especially liked the discussion time, the acting and singing. – Deborah, Loves Park IL

I enjoyed the reflections of Simon Peter – insightful and entertaining. This was the first time I have ever experienced Adoration! I enjoyed the breakout groups – good discussions. Good job moving us around and changing things up! – Steve, Geneva IL

The testimonials were very good.  The small group discussions were also beneficial.  This retreat was a good faith charge.  Sandy, DeKalb IL

I loved all the speakers and I especially liked the prayer for a receiving of the Holy Spirit. I feel rejuvenated and ready to continue in the next phase of my faith journey. – Anonymous

No matter where you are in your faith, you will be blessed by attending this retreat. – Ann Marie, Batavia IL

Start to finish it was all amazing. I don’t know that you could have left anything out.  That said, I’d have to say being touched and prayed over was sublime and I’m sure the celebration of the Eucharist forth coming will radiate “God’s” grace.  Thank you so much.  Colleen, Ft. Myers FL

I loved the testimonials. They were awesome!!! – Rafael, Aurora IL

It was great having several breaks – helps the elderly.  I loved hearing the Trinity expressed in detail.  The Trinity Compass was a help too.  Patricia, Decatur IL

I especially liked the explanation of the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the personal testimonials. The small discussion groups were very encouraging. – Anonymous

I loved the presenters personal stories of faith at the end of their presentations. – Tom, Chanahon IL

I loved the Adoration and the speakers – they were very good and got the message across well. – Cathy, Loves Park IL

Enjoyed Faith Mountain – Leap from Reason Rise. Compass is wonderful. To truly realize that God truly loves me was understood but forgotten. Put together extremely well. – Diane, Tinley Park IL

I loved the personal reflections of life experiences and how God has touched you. I was privileged to have been a witness to your faith. – Constance, Romeoville IL

I loved all of it! What a great way to reinvigorate my faith. I especially appreciated all the personal stories. Thanks for a great day! – Kathy, Batavia IL

I loved it all!! But, the most amazing thing was the Holy Spirit prayer. – Maria, Aurora IL

I enjoyed taking the time to have a day to dedicate to God, having different people’s stories about their spiritual experience and the variety of activities (large group, small group, in the church). I also liked the climbing analogy. – Megan, DeKalb IL

The 1st person skits were great. They really brought the message of the gospels alive. It was a great day. Thanks! – Anonymous

I loved the opportunity to analyze “God is” in such an easy way – a compass and the opportunity to reconcile with our Lord in an overdue Confession. Thank you and may God continue to bless your ministry. – Rosa, Elgin IL

I know God loves me, and this little seminar is proof. I’m on my way to the top of Faith Mountain. I know that God will help me every step of the way. YEA, God Is! – James, Tinley Park IL

The small groups were great! I loved Reconciliation and Mass! You did a terrific job. Your enthusiasm and faith were inspiring. I’m coming away from this retreat with answers I have been seeking. – Katherine, Geneva IL

The whole program today was very informative and really strengthened my knowledge of the faith.  Wonderful day! Dawn, Joliet IL

I loved all of it. This has helped renew my faith in the Lord, Son and Holy Spirit. The praying over me was the most beneficial to me. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit during this. I can’t explain how it made me feel but almost like a feeling of joy and happiness and love. I felt so much closer to the Lord. Like a weight was lifted off me. – Deanna, DeKalb IL

I loved everything! The talks were very inspirational and the small breakout groups really cemented what we heard and experienced. I loved the consecration to the Holy Spirit. – Wilma, Elgin IL

I enjoyed the whole retreat – from the talks to the separation into groups. It was a nice way to see other’s opinions and what they took away from the talk. – Alma, Aurora

The time in adoration, confession, the talk on the Holy Spirit and taking the time to pray to the Holy Spirit and being prayed over were most beneficial. All the personal testimonies were much appreciated as well. – Bridget, DeKalb IL