The God Is! Powerful Three Step Process

Step 1 – Evangelize

Evangelize through the God Is! Day of Renewal.

The God Is! Day of Renewal:

  • Promotes effective renewal/conversion in just one day.
  • Is simple and can be easily implemented by any parish or any group anywhere.
  • Provides an opportunity to “meet” and fall in love with Jesus Christ – the necessary first step in conversion.
  • Promotes a personal encounter with our triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • Proclaims the kerygma – the Good News of Salvation shared personally, lovingly and joyfully.
  • Presents the basic truths of the faith in a way that encourages participants to say their “Yes.” Even the most timid “Yes” empowers the Holy Spirit to effect radical conversion of heart.
  • Meets people where they are, reaching out through proclamation, personal witness, Sacramental renewal, prayer, Eucharistic adoration, music and skits to help everyone’s faith come alive.
  • Is given by parishioners to parishioners.
  • Provides a template for parishioners to share their faith stories and journeys, creating a deeper sense of community in the parish.
  • Is held on a Saturday and can be used as a part of the curriculum for parents of 1st Communion and Confirmation candidates.
  • For some parents, God Is! will be an introduction to the fullness of truth found in the Catholic Church. For others, it will be call to return home to the faith of their childhood or a catalyst for reinvigorating their lukewarm faith. For all, even the most devout parent, God Is! will be an important step forward in their faith journey.
    • Parents will have the opportunity to better understand and embrace the sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation.
    • Parents will leave with a greater thirst for the outpouring of grace that comes from frequent reception of Reconciliation and Holy Communion and a desire to promote this desire in their children.

Step 2 – Catechize

Catechize through modern media for easy, ongoing, faith formation

Free CDs

  • In partnership with Lighthouse Catholic Media, we provide God Is! participants with a set of free CDs.

Monthly “Epistles”

  • Evangelize All Ministries sends out a short monthly “Epistle” (email newsletter) that supports adults in their faith journey and links them to great online Catholic resources.


Step 3 – Build Community

Build community through simple, convenient, inclusive, and self-led faith groups.

We promote a one-hour small faith group format that is designed to engage everyone, no matter where they are on their faith journey to come together in a supportive environment to pray and reflect upon the upcoming week’s Gospel.