Testimonials – Parents of Sacramental Candidates

What Parents of First Communion Candidates are saying:
I loved the healing part. To forgive others from past… to heal by forgiving myself and come back to church where I belong. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Sara

All presenters did a great job. It was good to be reminded to keep it simple – Love and Mercy. Jacob

I realized today that God hasn’t been #1 in my life.  My kids don’t really know God because I haven’t taught them.  Pray for a change in my life.  Jason

This changed my life and the way I see God. Marcos

Very uplifting. I loved listening to other peoples experiences with God. Thanks for an amazing day! Dawn

I  now realize that God loves us no matter what.  I loved that you prayed for me.  I learned that I can forgive & let go when I have been hurt by others and to ask forgiveness for the things I have done to hurt others.  I met lots of wonderful people and learned a lot today.  Cindy

I really loved it all.  I liked that there were visuals (plays & skits) and I liked the testimonies.  It was easy for us that haven’t been active in the Catholic Church for a while.  Chelsea

I didn’t know what to expect when I “signed up” for today! Pretty awesome!  Enjoyed the discussions. Testimonials were certainly powerful!  Thank you for the day.  Judy

All of this day helped me. Before I came, I felt conflicted and as if no one cares. It was a great experience and the discussion groups helped make things clearer. I appreciate you taking the time to help us climb to the summit. Andrea

I enjoyed learning more about my faith and hearing amazing stories from other people. I enjoyed the breakout sessions and sharing with others. Chad

I found all of it to be beneficial. Julie

Finally, after 10 years, Penance! A.

I appreciated the witness talks and small group discussion afterward. I also was grateful for the team praying over us in church. Julie

The entire program was splendid! Simple, thoughtful, honest. It was well coordinated. The testimonials of the different speakers lent much substance and tangibility to the messages. God bless this mission. Janet

I enjoyed the individual stories and how they found God in their lives. I could relate portions of their stories to my own experiences. I also liked the Benediction and receiving the Holy Spirit. Landon

I loved the Small group discussion. Overall a wonderful experience. Thank you to everyone who contributed time and life experiences to God Is! Day of Renewal! Suzie [not Catholic]

I loved all of it! What a great way to reinvigorate my faith. I especially appreciated all the personal stories. Thanks for a great day! Kathy

Coming back to church and feeling the Holy Spirit’s influence. I am looking forward to spending more time with God. The Confession greatly enforces that the Father forgives us and we may be better people. Javier

I particularly enjoyed listening to the testimonials from the speakers; hearing how the Lord had changed their lives was very powerful. Eileen

I loved the Talk about the Father. It made me realize that I need to spend more time with my own father. I also enjoyed “Peter.” John

I enjoyed listening to each presenter’s example(s) of how each part applied to their life and then breaking into groups for us to say how it applied to us. Joy

No matter where you are in your faith, you will be blessed by attending this retreat. Ann Marie

I enjoyed taking the time to have a day to dedicate to God, having different people’s stories about their spiritual experience and the variety of activities (large group, small group, in the church). I also liked the climbing analogy. Megan

I loved the part where when things don’t go as planned and we think or judge God when always he knows best and He will always do things for us in His time, that we never have to forget that He loves us, let Him in our hearts. Veronica

Great message and framework to help progress and deepen my faith.  The witnesses were powerful. Steve

From the beginning to the end it was beneficial because I was due for a boost of my faith!! I get to take with me the fountain of grace for my whole family. God is not dead!!! Hugo

We loved the witness stories, small group discussions. We also liked being prayed over. John & Lisa

I appreciated the stories of witness. I really enjoyed the down to earth versions (play & Peter’s talk!). Brenda

The retreat was very beneficial. It’s a reminder of why we are here and who we need to live for. Monsen

I enjoyed all of the retreat. It was very inspiring. Luz

What Parents of Confirmation Candidates are saying:
I loved when we renewed our Baptism. Reconciliation was very powerful. I also loved the Eucharistic Adoration. Thank you. I really needed this renewal in my faith. Tom

When they prayed over us towards the end it was as if God was talking through them as they told me things I had been contemplating personally for a while and had not discussed with anyone. This was an incredible group of people sharing personal experiences that make you realize just how special you are – just as you are! Bernie

I loved all of it. This has helped renew my faith in the Lord, Son and Holy Spirit. The praying over me was the most beneficial to me. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit during this. I can’t explain how it made me feel but almost like a feeling of joy and happiness and love. I felt so much closer to the Lord. Like a weight was lifted off me. Deanna

It was all great. The small group discussions were very beautiful. Thank you so much. Rita (a non-Catholic)

It was all fantastic, but the testimonials were very moving and touched my heart.  Thank you so much for this special day!  Prayer intention:  Bring all of my family back to the faith!  Donna

The whole retreat was awesome – renewing the sacraments and hearing the honest testimony.  Anonymous

The personal testimonials were very interesting.  The small interesting short play acting added clarity and interest.  The fact that we had a variety of activities and moved from place to place kept my mind alert.  Thanks. Carol

I enjoyed the speakers. They were very engaging. I also enjoyed the breakout groups. Karen

I loved all of it!  Carle

I enjoyed having the testimonials from the speakers. Their journeys and how they evolved in their faiths was inspiring. Jackie

I found the combination of personal experiences and religious information very well balanced. Mary

The personal witness of the speakers was very powerful in demonstrating how turning to God and opening our hearts is how to receive His perfect love. I also thought the prayer invoking the Holy Spirit was awesome! Joe
For me it was being able to talk to others about my life and how God has helped me. Felipa

I enjoyed the facilitators sharing their faith journeys. I enjoyed the confession time and taking time to reach inside myself and take time to pray. Enjoyed it thoroughly! Linda

I really enjoyed the small group discussions. It was very interesting to get others perspectives on their faith. Anonymous

It was helpful to listen to others and their challenges in life. Ted’s story of his heart problem was an opening. All speakers held my attention. Thanks! Bill

I loved the discussions of Holy Spirit/blessings. I also loved Confession and Mass. The testimonies make “it real.” Amanda

I loved the blessing; confession; personal witnesses. It was helpful that it was broken up throughout the day to help us not to get too cramped. Thank you all for sharing. God bless you all! Liz

Personal stories are touching and help relate to real life. I came without any idea of what this program was. You kept my attention. Thank you! Anonymous

I loved the healing by the Holy Spirit. Knowing the Holy Spirit give all the gifts and knowing that something is missing or I doing something then I cannot have and feel the fruit from the Holy Spirit. Ana

I thought the day was very well structured. The speakers were all excellent and shared such personal stories. I also enjoyed the small breakout sessions. Thank you all for this day! Anonymous

It was very helpful to hear personal stories that help put things in perspective. We all have similar struggles, so it helps to relate. Joe