Evangelize All Ministries exists to evangelize – to help parishes and other organizations convert individual hearts to Christ through a personal proclamation of the Gospel and by inviting individuals to respond with their own “Yes.” We want to ‘evangelize all and get all evangelizing.’

The Kerygma. Evangelize All Ministries promotes the “kerygma” – a personal proclamation of the Good News of Salvation. The kerygma is not theoretical, rhetorical or even primarily theological. Rather, it is real, personal and powerful.

The kerygma is the proclamation of God’s plan of salvation by one who has experienced God personally. It is the same proclamation of Peter and the apostles who walked with Jesus. It is the same proclamation of Paul who met Jesus on the road to Damascus. It is the same proclamation of the Church, preached for two thousand years by popes, canonized saints and by every Christian who has met Christ and said “Yes” to His Lordship.

The kerygma possesses the very power of the Holy Spirit. It has the power to radically convert even the most hardened heart. It has the power to recreate the soul in the image of our Triune God. It has the power to save.

The kerygma is extremely personal. Through its proclamation, Jesus Christ comes to each individual heart exactly where he or she is. Jesus says to that soul, “My Father formed you in love; He loves you right now, just as you are; and He has destined you for everlasting love.” But, in this love, God respects his gift of free will – the individual is free to embrace or reject this love.

The new evangelization. Evangelize All Ministries promotes the God Is! Parish Evangelization Process. God Is! effectively re-presents the Gospel in a way that provokes a response – a renewed “Yes” to God and his Church. It facilitates a personal encounter with Christ, promotes a living relationship with him, and challenges those evangelized to introduce Christ to others.

While helping those who are already on fire for Christ to climb higher, God Is! provides a simple and effective means to answer the seeker and invite back those who have strayed. Evangelize All Ministries seeks a renewal of our parishes and society through an individual renewal of heart. God Is! empowers lay people to evangelize others through sharing the Good News and witnessing to its effect in their own lives.

Supporting Parishes, Dioceses and other Catholic Organizations. Through the God Is! Day of Renewal, ongoing formation and small group meetings, as well as through parish missions, workshops and talks, Evangelize All Ministries assists parishes, dioceses and other Catholic organizations in their evangelization efforts.

The primary focus of Evangelize All Ministries is to promote and support the God Is! Parish Evangelization Process– a day of renewal with follow-up formation for the attendees that is easily implemented in any parish, anywhere. Additionally, Evangelize All Ministries leads parish missions, gives talks, and facilitates retreats and workshops for staff and volunteers of dioceses, parishes and other organizations.

Authentic Catholicism. Evangelize All Ministries embraces the authority and teaching of the Magisterium and submits to regular ecclesiastical guidance. It embraces and promotes the Sacraments and rich spiritual traditions of the Church. God Is! has a nehil obstat and Imprimatur. Recognizing their own weakness, Staff and volunteers are committed to daily prayer, regular reception of the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Reconciliation, ongoing study of the faith and personal spiritual guidance. Have mercy on us Lord and protect us!

Speaking in Love. The staff and volunteers of Evangelize All Ministries are in love with God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit, seek to love God more every day, and are committed to share that love with all whom they encounter through this apostolate. They endeavor to share the fullness of truth professed by the Catholic Church in a loving, energetic and engaging fashion.

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